anyone else annoyed by this?...

2017-03-26 23:08:44 by DJ-Zyzyx

Recently... people have been making music and putting something Geometry Dash related in the title or the picture to get views.  And honestly, it's actually working, because all of these songs (many being bad) are taking up space in the popular audio section.


this annoys me a ton for some reason. anyone else?


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2017-03-26 23:43:15

yeah, i play gd and i make my own music, but really, i've seen some undiscovered artists and 30% of the titles is related to GD. Super Annoying!


2017-03-27 00:13:37

Yeah, this is Annoying by the Fact, it's from a Game, and it's like Stealing Music from it! But little do they know, they get Banned from the Audio Portal, which is good, People should really Understand what they Post on here!

and lucky you're not like that Man, just stating my Oppinion


2017-03-27 00:40:53

Annoying AF


2017-03-27 04:20:15

yeah dude this has gone a tad too far by this point 7_7


2017-03-27 05:15:54

It does me head in just as well. I mean, it is one thing that the Featured Audio in the footer refers to popular audio. It is another thing that the Frontpage feature, which is done entirely by mods, could bypass the Geometry Dash problem but not get as much attention because there seems to be no incentive for people to look at stuff which isn't related to GD.

Thoughts @Mich @NekoMika @LexaHergon @EDM364 @TomFulp?


2017-03-27 10:03:10

@botnot435 Actually, the music in custom GD levels is all from Newgrounds, not the other way around. However, people are stealing music /for/ GD, which is why they get banned. It's a lot of workload to keep up with.

@Troisnyx Yes, I've noticed this. I'd be fine with mods searching through to find good stuff daily but we already have a lot of work. If the feature went by scores, not views, that would sort everything a lot quicker I think. Shitty stuff would get bumped down, etc. @TomFulp, what do you think?

My thoughts, just another example of the GD crowd by and large using NG as a song dump, and I'm tired of it. When I see a shit song featured at the bottom of the page, I make sure to give it an appropriately crummy score, just like I would any other piece. If it's point blank awful/spam, 1 or 0. If it's borderline cookie cutter, 2. Basically, I look at these view exploits like I do the "How To" memes, depending on the quality.


2017-03-27 12:35:48

It doesn't really annoy me. I'm making a song for Zyzyx, and it's a GD soundtrack for you guys to use. It depends on what kind of music it is.


2017-03-27 15:24:57

YES omg, it's basically the newgrounds equivalent of clickbait, and it's really annoying. I run a music channel, and I look through the top audio sections to find good songs to upload, and recently there's a ton of crappy songs cluttering it up, just because the title has GD in it, or the picture is the Demon Level symbol. Annyoing asf.

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Hey Gusearth. Ikr /: It is pretty annoying


2017-03-27 17:31:47

This really nags me. Something else that annoys me (and probably annoys you too) is the fact that many of these songs have nothing more to do with Geometry Dash than the creator of the song playing it sometimes. If the song is some sort of GD cut for it to be used in a GD level, then I could see why the icon might be incorporated into the picture. That still doesn't excuse using the icon as the picture itself. It really bothers me though, and yeah, most of these songs are bad.

I would honestly rather people use an unoriginal stock photo of something related to the title (which I do sometimes lol) than use something from GD that has nothing to do with the song as the picture.

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Ikr? it would make so much more sense and would stop the shitty clickbait songs from becoming popular.


2017-03-27 19:05:45

@EDM364, there's one issue with scores choosing the features, and that's that if the GD players like it, they will vote, and even though many of them probably have no vote weight, there are just too many for anyone else to get up there.

Looking at Best of the Month right now, we have an Xtrullor song at the top, which probably would get on the chart anyway, but the other five that aren't GD clickbait probably would not garner the necessary 50 votes and/or not get a high enough score.

Best of the Year is a bit surprising to me in that some of it isn't *just* there because of GD, but in the end it has definitely influenced all of these songs. Hinkik wouldn't even be on Newgrounds if not for some GD player pestering him. TheFatRat too.

This is what has driven me away from this site somewhat. Unfortunately, there's really no way to compensate for it beyond mods handpicking songs, which is what we already have in features on the front page.

I would say just have the features at the bottom reflect the front page. It's confused many people that both are named "Featured Audio" anyway, so having them be the same would be a bonus.


2017-03-27 19:19:41

Definitely. I guess I'm glad Geometry Dash users are being encouraged to make music as general principle, but the clickbait is irritating beyond belief, especially because it earns them underserved views and shoves users who slave over tracks for a long time (like me!) out of the running for featured audio. I don't have any bitterness over my lack of success alone, but the fact that these songs succeed instead irks the hell out of me.

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Yes yes yes i agree with you a lot


2017-03-27 19:38:52

Yeah, this does annoy me greatly. Like, no offense to JordanKyser, but Dubstep Machine is one of the worst Featured audio I've ever heard. And I've heard plenty of terrible songs on this site. It's not fair that people like you or @Miyolophone are getting pushed to the side while songs like Dubstep Machine are getting all the attention. I agree with you 100%, Zy.

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Yep!! :O


2017-03-27 22:08:56

This isn't just annoying, it's disappointing.

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

yep /:


2017-03-28 05:39:02

Annoying indeed my good fellow, almost as much as all those boobs, butts, pretty gals and bordering hentai thumbs on most generic ass electronic music videos on youtube. x_x

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

LOOOOL so true


2017-03-28 16:39:10

Terrible. Shameless clickbait whoring. None of the tracks are up to GD standards, so I doubt any of them even made the whitelist, which makes it dishonest too. You have every reason to be annoyed that no-effort My First Cracked FL Studio Projects are crowding out tracks like yours.

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Lol, don't feel bad. I used to suck at making music to, and admittedly, I used to think I was really good XD


2017-03-28 16:40:59

It is annoying, and that's one of many reasons why I keep running my contests, so it combats against the bullshit in the audio portal like this. The Art-Inspired Music Contest that I'm currently running/started years ago, helps artists get more recognition, and helps them improve with tips from experienced musicians on the judging panel, and encourages them to have fun and keep going.

I saw the audio portal dying, and I wanted to do what Echo and Step did, run a contest that's fun for all and give underground artists more recognition, helping them. I wanted to have a contest with an original concept and though we have to face this BS in the audio community with Geometry Dash unfortunately still being a problem (though not as much), we have to keep fighting to keep it going that not all hope is lost.

There are still hard-working musicians who don't just care about click-baiting to get out there, but love what they do and don't abuse it like it was their child they want to force into the spotlight like parents and little kid actors, just to be recognized. You know, this makes for a good podcast discussion, I might have to talk about this when my health improves. This needs to be exposed, and told to the rest of the community that think doing this sort of stuff is okay in our community.

Thanks for spreading the word, this is why NG is a good place, everyone has a voice, and if a concern is brought up like this to others, action can be taken.

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thanks dude :) I think that people should be allowed to make their own music and put it into external games like Geometry Dash. Even though there are a lot of click baiters, I strongly believe that people should have the freedom to create what they would like and use it where they want. But sometimes people will go a little bit too far and put "GD" in the title or they'll use a thumbnail with a "Demon Face" (a level difficulty within the game) to get more plays and what really bugs me is the songs have little to no effort put into them or are just plain bad.

What I'm trying to say is - people should be able to make Geometry Dash songs if they want. They should just stop making really bad clickbait which ruins the chances of better artists getting noticed. I think something that would fix this would be having MORE featured slots, (5-10 instead of only 4) and maybe have an actual person with musical knowledge pick the featured songs from the popular section once every week, each song they pick varying in genre and artist. That way, the unexperienced click baiters will actually have time to learn music production and learn not to click bait before they get any real attention or reward.

Sorry for all the writing! And thanks for taking time out of your day to read and respond to my post :)


2017-03-28 19:44:14

Yes. That "clickbaiting" technique is kinda old, actually.


2017-03-28 21:03:34

I mean, it's nothing against new producers. We all have to start somewhere, and my first projects were awful. But this gives people the expectation that they don't have to LEARN to maybe, one day, make something on par with their idols, or even listenable. Just clickbait it like the trick they are and BOOM FEATURED


2017-03-28 21:29:50

Hell yes. It is so annoying that people are using the games popularity to get more plays, etc, instead of people who put hard work into what they make. It pisses me off a ton.


2017-03-29 00:26:23

Yeah, stuff like this is honestly really annoying.
But people will exploit about anything for a cheap boost.

... semi-reminds me of the worthless use of "lesbian" in the 18+ community. Considering like, barely 50 % of the pics in that category are even remotely relevant to it. Granted, much broader issue. But like... why the fuck do people keep doing stuff like this? ... ok, we know the answer is views, but yanno...


2017-03-29 22:46:50

Honestly I used to play gd, and all of my spent time really was a waste. I probably would start producing (actually good) music, but I need to figure out how to get fl studio and all of those plugins to work (someone help me pls). Btw I don't really want to make music for gd, just good music in general that people will actually like.