What to produce... What to produce...

2016-10-06 18:04:26 by DJ-Zyzyx

I'm working on a collaboration with Karaplex currently.  Hopefully it will turn out awesome :3

I'm stuck between creating House and Dubstep ATM.  I can create them both and I love making them both, but I am currently just making whatever I feel like!  I hope you guys will enjoy the stuff I release! :D



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2016-10-06 21:54:24

As long as it's even close to as good as your recent songs I'll be satisfied


2016-10-08 05:40:44

With your most recent songs, I'd say you've created your own style, you've made your Dubstep in a very distinctive way, and that's what's great about you and your content.

Anyways, good luck with the collab, and keep up the solid work. ;)

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thanks XJKies :DDD


2016-10-08 05:55:05

Another of Zyzyx's epic songs is coming 8)