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Posted by DJ-Zyzyx - October 22nd, 2017

Wow, I didn't expect to see one of my songs get featured again.  Somehow it got featured even though it's been out for more than a week!  I hope you guys enjoy it lol, and thanks for nearly 400 followers :)


Posted by DJ-Zyzyx - May 6th, 2017

Thank you guys so much for 300 newgrounds followers, 500 soundcloud followers, and ALMOST 6K Youtube subscribers. <333


@FirePowerX = 300th follower

Posted by DJ-Zyzyx - March 26th, 2017

Recently... people have been making music and putting something Geometry Dash related in the title or the picture to get views.  And honestly, it's actually working, because all of these songs (many being bad) are taking up space in the popular audio section.


this annoys me a ton for some reason. anyone else?

Posted by DJ-Zyzyx - January 8th, 2017

I'll allow accept all friend requests.  I really don/t care at this point since there isn't a friend limit xD

Posted by DJ-Zyzyx - December 22nd, 2016

Currently working on a collaboration with @EtzerGD (i wish you could tag people on ng lol) and it's coming out awesome.  Stay tuned for the release! :D

Posted by DJ-Zyzyx - October 27th, 2016

Cubed galaxy would have been featured if Djjanner hadn't decided to upload an entire album right before the new features came out xD But hey, life isn't perfect.  It's all good! :D

Posted by DJ-Zyzyx - October 6th, 2016

I'm working on a collaboration with Karaplex currently.  Hopefully it will turn out awesome :3

I'm stuck between creating House and Dubstep ATM.  I can create them both and I love making them both, but I am currently just making whatever I feel like!  I hope you guys will enjoy the stuff I release! :D


Posted by DJ-Zyzyx - September 15th, 2016

Yet another feature.  Thank you guys for the support.  It's been amazing, especially here on Newgrounds!! :D


Posted by DJ-Zyzyx - August 31st, 2016

My remix of "Unity" by TheFatRat has been Featured!! Thanks so much everyone for the tremendous support!  Should I do more remixes?  They seem to always get more love.  I'm so Happy!! <3




Posted by DJ-Zyzyx - January 25th, 2016

Hello, my name is Derek (you can just call me Zyzyx) and my dream is to make a career out of making EDM.  It will be a long journey, but with the help of you guys (especially my friends in the GD community) I think I can do it! :D