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Summerland Summerland

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

this actually isn't bad, but that clap at the drop is way to abrupt and loud. side chain it a bit and make it last longer and make it quieter. The melody isn't bad, but it's too repetitive. Also try changing up the chords a bit. It's actually pretty good overall mate.

3.5/5 :)

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FirePowerX responds:

Thanks mate! will try my best keeping those in mind!

Melodic Eargasm Melodic Eargasm

Rated 3 / 5 stars

its nice but please stop using view bots.

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SpeTheof responds:

thanks for the review

Beryllium [Revised] Beryllium [Revised]

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice chords!
I like this arp. Almost sounds like tobu.
The little clappy thing seems a bit out of place
Try to side chain your kick with everything else, its getting drowned out in the mix and it's clashing with the bass.
Theres so many things going on I can't tell which melody I'm supposed to be listening to.
I like the slow down in the drums :)
You seem to only be using one high hat for the entirety of the song. Try using other hi hats and rides to crisp up the percussion a bit.
I like the little riser you use :)
You might not want to have a rise and then not have a drop... usually songs will have a second drop if there is another buildup. It's just a bit disappointing to the ear, ya know?? xD

OVERALL: 3/5. You seem to be getting better mate :)


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SirHadoken responds:

Thank you!
Yeah, the clap thing was a bad idea from the start xD
On the original song, you told me to add reverb to the snare, but that actually wasn't a snare, it was just a really weird clap. So when I added reverb to it, no matter what I tried, it sounded like.. THAT. I suppose I could've always switched it out for a snare, but I felt like it could possibly compromise the song entirely if not done right.
That was supposed to be a drop, I'm just.. not good at drops, at all. xD
I haven't tried making differentiations on the hi-hats, but it's definitely something I could take into consideration. I realize it could get repetitive after the first eight seconds, like all of my songs do.
Side chaining is something I literally "learned" how to do yesterday, and I still don't really understand what to do and what it does, but I'll attempt it.
I should incorporate a second drop to commemorate that second riser.I might extend it and do that when I update the file.

Thank you for all of the detailed reviews you've given, I'm fortunate to have someone notify me as to where I need to start focusing on. If I'm going to try to fix myself, I'd better do it right, and this advice is the best way for me to start with that.

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Purple Purple

Rated 5 / 5 stars

WOAH WAH??? HOW?!?! NICE. Can I use some of your art in one of my next songs?! This is awesome XD

Geoplex responds:

Haha yeah sure man. Just credit me in the description or something :P

An Abundance of Waifus An Abundance of Waifus

Rated 5 / 5 stars

How the HELL? This is actually really good! I don't understand how you get the patience to sit down and create this type of interesting art... Looks like it took you a long time! Good job TriAxis :D

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GDTriAxis responds:

Thanks man :3